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Who Is Calm Mind Co?

Calm Mind Co empowers organisations to cultivate resilience and increase flow to enhance life and expand impact.

Our mission is to help you achieve your mission by increasing the mental, emotional and physical vitality of the boss, the workforce and therefore every client of our clients. Your enhanced impact fulfils our mission. 

We tailor-make and deliver programs in house, or at remote locations that combine the pillars of mental focus and flow, emotional resilience, functional breathing, somatic body connection and mindset; gratitude, intention, empathy, aligned action and kindness.

We’re here to shift old paradigms of fear, control, oppression and busyness. ⁣

⁣We work with the kind of people who want to run their lives and organisations in a way that serves each individuals fulfillment as much as it does their productivity and the contribution to the world through whatever they’re creating. ⁣We work with people who are changing the world through their culture, their creations and their way of being. ⁣Resilience to us has less to do with being knocked down and getting back up and everything to do with being so grounded in presence and open in flow that you don’t ever really get knocked down, you flow with life itself. ⁣

We teach this by showing people tools and techniques for calming the mind. That’s a nutshell version. ⁣

Founded by Amber Hawken and partnered with Brett Robinson, their combined background in medical science, human psychology and behaviour and high-performance coaching for Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs,  creatives and CEOs allows them to deliver programs that take the 10%-ers to the 1%ers.

“Calm mind resilient life”

Amber Hawken

Over the next five years, our goal is to impact the world like so..

  • 1 Million Calm Minds.   1 Million Clear Hearts.

To have..

  • 100% increase in vitality

And as a result..

  • 10 x the profit and 10 x the productivity so that our clients have 100 x more impact on their mission.