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Meet The Team

We would love to introduce our wildly wonderful team.

We have a variety of qualifications and are so unique and different.

But the one thing we all have in common is the desire to powerfully impact those impacting the world.   

Let us introduce ourselves firstly with our personal little quirks and then we will share a little more about our ‘professional’ experience.

Amber Hawken

Hiya, Amber here. I founded Calm Mind Co. I’m the one who believes joy is our birthright, creativity our super power, heart intelligence our blueprint and cognitive intelligence a gift we get to direct if we learn to calm our mind and cultivate connection with our deepest self. ⁣I’ve read every Harry Potter book a minimum of 13 times, I run a 12 flat 100m, I played soccer for QLD, I’ve travelled to over 40 countries and I melt at the sound of an electric guitar thanks to growing up with my Dad who places fender strats above oxygen in his personal hierarchy of needs.⁣

We’re here to shift old paradigms of fear, control, oppression and busyness. ⁣
⁣We work with the kind of people who want to run their lives and organisations in a way that serves each individuals fulfilment as much as it does their productivity and the contribution to the world through whatever they’re creating. ⁣We work with people who are changing the world through their culture, their creations and their way of being. ⁣Resilience to us has less to do with being knocked down and getting back up and everything to do with being so grounded in presence and open in flow that you don’t ever really get knocked down, you flow with life itself. ⁣

Brett Robinson

Or, “Robbo”.
Brett has consulted as a Performance Coach and Performance Therapist to Olympic level, Track and Field Athletes, Various AFL, NRL and ARU teams, Redbull athletes and many more.
Additionally, he’s coached managers, CEO’s, high performing business
owners and entrepreneurs. His Performance Coaching is a combination of his incredible understanding of mindset, emotional intelligence, nutrition and gut health, breathing, physiology, movement efficiency and much more.

From Robbo
“I’m an optimistic lover of life, proud father and husband, and addicted to gratitude. My gorgeous wife and I often ponder whether we should have a chocolate factory (for an endless supply of healthy dark chocolate that we love), or a blueberry farm (to support our addiction to blueberries). I believe the most powerful thing on the planet is the human mind, and we all have one. So why not take the best version of it with us everywhere we go.
I used to be addicted to human performance, now I’m addicted to human behaviour and I love finding the marginal gains for people and organisations to tap into the inner super powers and help them thrive. What excites me most about Calm Mind Co is the accessibility for ALL humans to be empowered by the abundance of resources and coaching that we not only believe are life-changing, we also embody these practices. We don’t teach a curriculum, we teach a way of being.”

April Carrett

April is our honcho/chief/managing director. There is no chaos that she cannot turn into organised calm. With over 15 years experience in the project management and administration space, April is skilled in team organisation, and getting the job done. April excels in bringing the best out of a team in order to maximise efficiencies and planning, to bring a project back into the black and back on schedule.

From the lady herself. “I love to sing, and I love to dance. I’m neither good at singing, or at dancing, however, I’m passionate in my right to participate in any opportunity that allows me to express my apparent lack of artistic side. I also direct the world of Amber making sure she is void of distraction and I occasionally support her expand on her cooking skills. Making things run smoothly brings me happiness”.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

– Phil Jackson

Anna Raymond

Anna is our relationship manager.
Anna Raymond is an experienced leader and sales coach from the Healthcare Industry. Having previously managed National Sales teams, she is an expert in relationship management and has previously used the tools from Calm Mind Co to keep her teams and colleagues engaged, empowered and connected when proximity is a challenge. She has a background in Nutrition and Dietetics, having worked in the clinical setting in the UK. Early on in her career Anna worked as a journalist and contributing writer for UK trade magazines.

From Anna
“I love to sing! If anyone hands me a microphone at karaoke it’s likely that I will not give it back because I love to sing THAT much! I once sang backing vocals in a band called Eastwood, and had a stab at fame many years ago when I auditioned to be a female co-presenter for the nationwide search “Is She MTV”in the UK! In my previous roles as a sales manager, one thing I found motivating for myself and my team, was making meditation a daily habit and reminding my team to breathe and slow down to get everything done. I am passionate about what CMC has to offer other businesses as these tools are incredible! Breathwork, meditation, mindfulness and quality nutrition DID produce life-changing results for me, and it will for anyone else that wants to work with us! ”

Beanie Tompkins

Beanie was one of the first, and still is one of our founder’s mentors. She’s a woman of many talents and is one of our facilitators and coaches and supports the research and creation of our curriculum and events.
Beanie is a professional Kinesiology practitioner, energy and sound healer, functional fitness and rehab trainer and holistic health and lifestyle consultant and the creator of the Soulfit Wellness Institute in Brisbane. She has spent the last 12 years assisting, educating and empowering people to make the positive changes in their life for their best health and happiness on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

From Beanie

“I looove connection, connecting the dots, connecting with people, people’s connection to self and definitely connection to nature. I’m probably more of a surfer girl than a ‘longs walk along the beach’ kinda girl. My favourite thing is seeing the look on someone’s face when they realise their potential. I love my big boofhead dog Drakes cuddles. And it freaks me out a bit that nothing really freaks me out…. My way in life is to always practice and incorporate the ancient wisdom of JOY.”

Mitch Allen

Mitch is one of our epic Yoga teachers who features in our online programs. Mitch is connected to the philosophy of yoga but the practice itself began for him as a way of becoming more nimble and flexible to compliment his surfing. Mitch has completed a 200-hour AYTT in ashtanga yoga with Cheryl Oliver and continued along the ashtanga pathway while also studying other forms and styles. His teaching methods include the training of yin, Chinese medicine, mindfulness, and personal care with his physiotherapist and chiropractor for advice on anatomy, sequencing and correct methods to move the body.

From Mitch
“I love fantasy – especially elves and dragons, and honestly believe that all things imaginable exist in some universe or dimension.
I question and challenge everything and have spent years learning to listen while biting my tongue. My favourite part of the day is the morning – iit is untouched and symbolises new beginnings. I get precious if I don’t get my 7 plus hours of sleep, daily surf and extra me-time. Society could view it as good or bad but whatever I’m doing I’ll do it well – I’m an all in or nothing guy regardless of what it is.
I’m excited to share the knowledge I have with people to improve their health and well being. Life is challenging, but I believe it’s a gift to be alive and everyone can live a life where the good outweighs the bad.”

Michelle Freeman

With twenty years of experience in yoga and meditation, Michelle specialises in meeting each student exactly where they are.  Her classes blend careful attention to detail with alignment informed instruction, whilst marrying breath with movement in a fluid way that helps each student get out of their head, and connect into their bodies.  Her classes will challenge your body as they speak to your heart and remind you to slow down, listen and feel.  Michelle is an experienced 500 RYT Teacher with qualifications in Hatha and Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Yoga.

From Michelle

“I’m inspired by all things that remind us of our humanity and connection to each other.  I love yoga, meditation, running up hills as fast as I can, immersing myself in the ocean, breath work –  things that help me to feel alive!  This can and often does, include eating chocolate, hanging out with my kitty cat and having the occasional impromptu kitchen dance party. I’m excited to be a part of the Calm Mind Co because I believe when people have the tools that help them to find their inner calm and peace within, that’s not dependent on outside conditions, then the world is a more joyful and peaceful place.  I’m committed to offering the tools that have helped me, find this within myself with you.”

Calm Mind Resilient Life