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An Open Heart for International Men’s Health Week

In recognition of International Men’s Health week, we’d love to invite us all to reclaim a sense of responsibility in a self-liberating way, by reminding us that it’s through our presence, our breath, our choice of belief and action in alignment with that new choice, that we can create a more inclusive, open, powerful, accepting, shame-free, kind, loving, courageous, respectful, honouring, open conversation and view about what a mentally and emotionally healthy man is. ⠀

And if you don’t mind us saying, we believe its an inclusive view of all parts of a man, seemingly dark or light, alike. ⠀

There are previous and damaging distortions we have collectively held towards what it means to be a ‘man’. And consequently, how these heavily distorted old conditions (of which there are many), to name just a few of the more umbrella and ignorant projections which are; rigid, impenetrable, un-emotive, cognitively reliant, expression free, left-brain dominant, tyranny leadership based, dismissive of emotions and resistant to vulnerability and compassion that then lead to; perpetuate men to close off, keep quiet about their vulnerabilities, fears, depressive moods, darkness, shadows and shame, fuelling the precise painful behaviours driven by pain. ⠀

Let us raise our heads, open our hearts, calm our minds and become more intimate with the truth of what it is to be a man, which is nothing less than everything he is, doing the best he can with what he has. ⠀

Regardless of their figure, habits, hobbies, dreams, desires, voice, shape, size, interests, expression, race, age, religion or current beliefs. ⠀

May we approach Men’s Mental Health with an attitude of both an open mind and fiery vigilance to educate ourselves on the strength and healing power of expression, acceptance, vulnerability and feeling. ⠀

May we re-write history by encouraging the voices of those feeling stuck, afraid and unsure where to turn and perhaps previously shamed or shunned for asking for help, to now be heard.⠀

It sure as heck ain’t weak to speak but more importantly, it is not wrong to feel and stand up for those who do and its certainly not shameful to reach out in times when you could use the reflection of someone who can listen and hold space without judgement of what it is men may have felt was not ‘okay’ to share or open up to other about.⠀

If there are any men who are looking to expand their sense of somatic (feelings, stuck energy and connection to the body), increase their EQ or cultivate more intuitive intelligence (not just logic), please take this opportunity to access our THRIVE program for free for 7 Days here .⠀

You are a damn important and fundamental part of our world. You matter, your mental health matters, the script and conversations about this matters and we love and appreciate you in all your imperfect wholeness

Calm Mind Resilient Life